Oct 11, 2006


Morning sunshines. Er, afternoon, I suppose. (Wowzers, where did the morning go already?) I am one happy camper today. Why? (shrugs) Beats me. I just am. I'll take it. Oh, maybe because my brain and body shut down and forced me to sleep many hours last night. Sleep, I might add, that I desperately needed, most likely. I had a little dream, but nothing major or freaky as has been the trend as of late. No, last night, in my dream, I was directing a play that involved almost entirely really perky cheerleaders and really gaudy drag queens. We were in the mountains someplace, and I was driving around in a cool, clunky, hippie-stickered Volvo station wagon and loved it to bits. And, my cat was with me, but he was incognito as a little fox-dog. I woke up and said to myself, I don't think everyone is a phony do I? No. But, I'm beginning to think it was actually a step beyond, into the "seeing the authentic in people" sort of realm.

(Oh man, I am going to brace myself for a flood of comments for pissed drag queens. No, I don't think there is anything inauthentic about trans- or cross-anything. I love drag. But, in this dream, there weren't drag queens in drag for personal fulfillment, but just for drag's sake. So chill. Seriously.)

Oh, and I dosed up with one of almost every vitamin in my cupboard. So, I'm probably on one of my three-day Vitamin B smile-a-thons.

So, I've been merrily working all morning, listening to Carmen McRae, Ella Fitzgerald and Eartha Kitt. It's a chilly, foggy day and chilly and foggy days make me want to listen to standards and jazz and wear my better vintage ensenbles. This weather also makes me really nostalgic for a good night out in back in Manhattan, but then I remind myself, Hello. You live in a city. A wonderful city. Get your ass away from your desk and out of your apartment and go soak it in, beotch!

I'm now posting over at JewishFringe, too, so have been sorting out some post stuff this morning, with a little help from my friend (who has been writing over there for a little while) in sorting out the Mac-to-PC glitches. I love my Mac, but it never ceases to throw me for a loop when, say, a toolbar or a button just never materializes for a Mac user. Eh well. I've heard similar issues from older PC-users in Blogger, so I suppose we all hit them from time to time.

I also just got word that on the 21st of this month, a little goodie I cooked up for Six Sentences will be running over there. (Fear not, I'll remind you that day. I'm sure you were all scrambling to jot it in your calendars. I know, I know...)

So, I'm in Milwaukee tomorrow night at 6pm, at Broad Vocabulary, a righteous feminist bookstore on a street I can't even pronounce (Try by clicking here). Very exciting. In Milwaukee? C'mon by! Know someone cool in Milwaukee? Send them! Have they say hello!

I have no idea why, but a children's field-trip group is running down my street and they are screeching and congregating in front of my building and pointing at the lobby. What's interesting about my building? Do I have a famous neighbor? Did it get a grafitti tag overnight? What on earth is going on?

Phone's ringing. Gotta go.

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