Oct 25, 2006


A regular reader of Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again who I have never met sent me an email this morning asking me to post day-in-the-life documentary footage of myself on YouTube. Dude, dude, dude, no. There is no way I'm doing that. There are so many people on YouTube posting asinine things, and I see no need to contribute. If I had something post-worthy, perhaps I would, but hanging out in my apartment? No way. Because the more dull nonsense YouTube has to carry, the more gems like this get lost in the shuffle.


Adam Shprintzen said...

I hear that the crotch semi-circle, turntable dance is ALL the rage in the clubs in Tokyo now.

Leah said...

Dude, it's all the rage in EDGEWATER!

diane said...

Was this Jake Ryan's suggestion??
I imagine it going something like this:
Amy sits at computer--tappa tappa typety type type.
(Visual of a clock speeding up, 4 hours pass)
Amy gets up, stretches, pets Chairman Meow.
Amy goes back to computer--tappa tappa type type type.
(Visual of a clock speeding up, 3 hours pass)
Amy gets up, checks phone. Sends text message or two. Goes to bathroom. Grabs a snack. Pets Chairman Meow.
Goes back to computer, type-a type-a tappity tap tap...

Amy Guth said...

Diane, it's like you know me!

Nicky said...

And Diane didn't even have to do a Tarot reading or anything!