Oct 24, 2006


I just returned from a fun time with the charming and talented photographer, Jim Newberry. Grab a copy of the Chicago Reader on November 3rd and we'll all find out together how I did when put on the spot!

A friend of mine just emailed me and said on a whim, she Googled each of her parents. And, apparently there is a porn star working under her Dad's name. Huh. That would be a bitter pill. "Um, Dad, I, um wanted to congratulate you on winning Adult Film Star of the Year. Um, yeah." Yikes, anyway, she also decided to write a personal ad for herself and had a lot of trouble summing herself and her wants up like that. If you were writing a personal ad today, right this minute, how would yours read?


jake ryan of sixteen candles fame said...

SWM ISO the lovely and talented AG. Interests include reading, philosophy, tantra, yoga and brokering killer business deals. Uhhh, and defending your honor and bringing roses and giving foot rubs of course.

Amy Guth said...

Joke's on you again, Jake! My feet are ticklish enough that I hate having them touched, I think roses are dull and uninteresting and I know my honor doesn't need defending.

jake ryan of sixteen candles fame said...

Wow, your photographer shot Paul McCartney. Oh, I am so into the right woman.

Amy Guth said...

There is so much wrong with what you just wrote, Jake. Don't you have a "killer business deal to broker"...?

diane said...

HA! Amy's MY kinda girl. In art class one day we were painting a still life that had a batch of flowers at the top and I cropped my scene so that the flowers were cut out. The teacher said, "Don't you want to paint the pretty flowers, Diane?"
And I responded, "Maybe pretty flowers bore me."

thea said...

Newberry's the best. I got my face shot by him too.

Leah in Chicago said...

"Take me on a date. A real, honest to god date. In which I don't sneak out through the kitchen, you don't kick any puppies, and nobody wakes up with food poisoning."

diane said...

Creative by night, day jobber by day, practical dreamer seeks same. Must be supportive,truly unitimidated by independent spirits, able to entertain self, and not irritated when I go out with my girl friends. I will grant you the same in return.
Super-hotness a plus. If the word "Art" appears anywhere in your job title, another plus. Must love and/or own animals.

I could go on, but my standards are ridiculously stringrent enough. ;)