Oct 21, 2006


Ohhh, look! I'll bet I'm the very last person you ever thought you'd see on a parenting website, but, think again. A very big thank you for the lastest Virtual Book Tour stop.

(By the way-- what is going on today? Why do I see a bunch of dudes schlepping valentiney things up and down my street? What is this "sweetest" nonsense? Well, for reasons probably more logical and less emotional than you'd think, I refuse to acknowledge Valentine's Day and I might have to add this one to the list, too. Must research first.)

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AL said...

all of this holiday nonsense is getting far too carried away. 3 days ago i witnessed the most grotesque display of commercialism ever. it was october 18th and i saw no less than 6 stores setting up christmas displays. do we need to be bombarded by jesus, santa and elmo for a full 68 days? ok... i get it... a poor carpenter was born in some contraption pigs eat out of and to celebrate, some fat pedophile from wintery lands breaks into your house and eats all the fucking cookies. do i need to be reminded of these strange rituals for 68 fucking days?