Oct 22, 2006


I know, I know. I haven't forgotten that I've been tagged by dear Katie Schwartz and her book meme. I'm working on it, I'm working on it. I take my bok selection very seriously, as they are, after all, books. In fact, I sprang out of bed this morning because today is the Chicago Marathon. I have to admit, I am a little pained that I didn't run this one. I just knew with all the book travel, and book reading and book pimpin', I'd not be able to focus on another marathon right now. But, soon enough. I talked before on here about running Miami, but I now have my sights on a few next-marathons. So, we'll see which one I go for. I was a little nostalgic last night thinking about the good-soreness afterwards, a slight soreness that you don't mind so much because you know you earned it.

Anyway, my shul-friend Howard is running today, so I'm going to go chill for a bit and see if I spot him. Picking out one man in the middle of forty-thousand people should be a cinch. Um...

But, before I dash away, I have to tell you-- I decided to get my ass out of the house last night and my nerdy ass went and saw the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas! If I may nerd out for a moment: Duuuuude! It was so awesome! It was better than ever and the 3D glasses were big enough to fit over my actual glasses and I was so excited once it started that it was all I could do to fidget in order to keep from singing along. Okay. As you were.

Quote overheard on the street below my bedroom window this morning: "Jesus, Brandon, speaking French is so passe."


AL said...

canadians arent huge marathon fans...unless its a beer drinking marathon (or sometimes bacon eating ones). i mean i am sure i would be able to run a marathon if i had to get somewhere 26 miles 385 yards away and the car was dead and the buses werent running and i had no hands (making it quite difficult to hitchhike or hail a cab). i just dont think i could ever do it voluntarily. kudos to you for even considering it.

Wings said...

What was your bib # and year for the marathon? Couldn't find you by name in the result archives?

I have about 300 shots I took of the 2004.

katie schwartz said...

I can't wait for your book meme. it's gonna be great!

nerd out. you are so funny diva guth :) truly one in a million.

Amy Guth said...

Wings-- I have run lots of places, but not the Chicago marathon, yet. Soon enough, as I'm itching to run another marathon and running this one seems like a perfect one for me.