Sep 23, 2006


My Rosh HaShanah festivities are in full-swing, but I wanted to stop and give you something to read. Head over to Domestic Goddess and say hello. She and I had a wonderful conversation last week, which you can read right here. Even a day early! What do you know about that?

L'Shanah Tovah, everyone. If it applies, I hope 5767 is just swell.


georgie porgie said...

What does that mean? 5767? Are you a sci-fi nerd?

Amy Guth said...

5767 is the current year on the Hebrew calendar.

georgie porgie said...

That's years? 5,767 years since what?

Leah said...

It is magical rabbinic math that counts up the generations recorded in the Torah and figures, "well, that took x number of years and modern times have been x number of years, so it is now 5767."

If you are super literal, it is the number of years since creation.