Sep 24, 2006


You know, Diane Sparks is hilarious. We had a lovely conversation over the past few days for my virtual book tour. And then, cyber-space ate our homework. No really. Gone. The good news is that she and I both trust each other to be competent people, so nobody said anything as cyber-space kicked our interview to who-knows-where. Anyway, in the end, revelations were reached and she posted "How Many Writers Does It Take To Post An Interview?" here.

I love Rosh HaShanah and this year was no exception, and I don't know about the rest of you fine tribespersons, but with Rosh HaShanah ending today, I'm ready for some downtime. Both services were thought-provoking and interesting, Tashlich was beautiful on the foggy shore of Lake Michigan, feasts were made, challah, honey and apples were eaten, new friends were made, old friends popped back up and I learned that a certain Rabbi I know kicks ass on the shofar. It even occurred to me that maybe it would be fun to learn to play the shofar...? In fact, I take Rosh HaShanah to heart and have been thinking about all the things I want to challenge myself to try this year.

L'Shanah Tovah. I hope 5767 is wonderful for us all.


Leah said...

Yeah, that Rabbi Z is a madman on the Shofar.

hannah said...

Do you mean Rabbi Zellman in the Chicago burbs?

Amy Guth said...

No, a rabbi in Chicago.

katie schwartz said...

I love this time of year too. it's so introspective and insightful. my favorite holiday is yom kippur. the services and starvation really hit home with me every single year.

I just realized that reads like a joke, but I REALLY MEAN IT!