Sep 28, 2006


I got a handful of very sincere emails asking me to extend the deadline for the "What I Did With Her Book Contest", claiming true greatness could be captured on film with more time to prepare, after somebody's brother gets home from boot camp, after someone manages to break up with his girlfriend and finds a night to hang out with the guys, once a couple of dudes in California get paid... and many claims that Halloween night could bring ideal results. So, after careful consideration, I have extended the deadline until December 1st. Well, no, not really careful consideration. I pretty much just said okay.

Today, a routine tidy-up has launched a pull-everything-out-and-re-organize-it kind of day, which is always welcome in my world. Few things make me feel the love like an immediate environment where all of the little nagging things are quite simply taken care of and dealt with. The last couple of days had me in a deep-thinking-soul-searching-question-asking mood. I think I've stressed a few friends out with my hypothesizing, but I needed to go there. They'll forgive me. That's why they're my friends.

Hey, in other news, arrangements in Milwaukee and Providence got all firmed up this week, and I've heard through the grapevine that my pre-orders are pretty okay. Not bad, folks, not bad at all.

A photo of the book cover is forthcoming. I can assure you.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...


My picture isn't ready yet.

The good/bad news is, I didn't even realize that it was almost October.

diane said...

I always tell my friends, one day I will melt down on you, & we'll be even. :)
The only friend I think I can't possibly ever be even with is the one who called an ambulence on my sorry-ass puking food-poisoned self a couple years ago, and rode to the hospital with me at about 5am. Though she did say the beligerant side of me that comes out when I'm super sick was pretty amusing.