Sep 28, 2006


When I bought my MacBook a few months ago, I remember the sales associate, Shane, (I know he probably has another title but I'll call him "sales associate" to avoid calling him "dude at the Mac store") saying to me, "It's like I always say. There are two kinds of data. Data that you've lost already and data that you haven't lost yet." Cute anecdote, Shane the sales associate, I'll get around to buying an external hard drive when I get around to it.

Today, after a bit of frustration, I swallowed my pride and went back to the Mac store. He was there. And remembered me. I explained the issue, offered my half-baked theories. First question, "Is your data backed up?" Oy vey. He was right! Quickly, I responded, "No, and I'd like to take care of that today as well." True statement, convenient time, might as well. And, I feel like I can trust the guy to not try to sell me a bunch of horseshit.

Anyway, I have the external hard drive and I feel like my geekness, the geek g-ddess within, has stretched, brushed the paper shreds from the belly of the document shredder aside, straightened her sexy pocket protector shield, adjusted her sparkling glasses of might and risen to collect and store data at lightning speed! Ha! Mere mortals, carrying on in your cyber world with data dangling from threads to be lost forever! Ha! My data is muthafuckin' saved!

(Whoa. Bring it down a notch, Guth. No need to broadcast you social akwardness. Hello?)

Anyway, a new Heatsink is being shipped to me to replace the wonky one. Behold! Nothing but the finest in heatsinkery shall do! Oh super, now this geek alter-ego won't shut up. Fucking awesome. This might be weird in certain social settings.

But, I made a new friend on line who knows another Guth through her work at the Wall Street Journal. Strangely, sharing an exact name with my father, I'm aware of this writer, only because my father, who also uses his middle initial professionally, has inadvertantly gotten grief intended for this other Guth. Small world. Especially considering my father lives on the east coast and this other Guth lives on the west coast.

Before leaving, chatting with this woman, Shane the sales associate, and another sales associate, my website was pulled up. No, not a shameless plug. I thought to ask the woman if she wrote for the WSJ, and although she does not, a writing conversation happened. I shouldn't even defend the conversation. But, I must admit, the little event in my comments section yesterday was so out of left field that maybe I'm a little gun-shy at the moment.

Maybe. But, maybe the reawakening of my geek g-ddess scared those cares away.


diane sparks said...

First string theory, and now this??
And I call myself a nerd... ;)

Leah in Chicago said...

You should never be afraid of a shamless plug. That is how books get sold, m'dear.

Amy Guth said...


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure that the internet is an excellent place to be one with your inner geek.