Aug 19, 2006


Well, after twenty-four emailed and thirty-ish verbal requests for such a thing, and after a trial-run of the mini lapel pins that went really, really well, my friend Jennifer has convinced me to make a little bit of Guth-a-Go-Go stuff available. I have resisted her and resisted her, thinking, "I'm a writer, not a band, for crying out loud!"... but, she is persuasive, and convinced me to give it a try for a couple of months, asking what it could hurt. Fair enough, so I present to you a little store she set up a bit ago. And, hey, think of it as a dunking a buck or two in a literary tip jar. See it here.

For now, she used only the logo from the stickers I've been passing out at readings, as well as the "never fuck a pro-lifer" quote from Three Fallen Women, but she wanted me to remind everyone that the images are switchable, so if you're dying for a particular shirt with a particular image on it, don't hesitate to email and make your demands. I'm sure she can hook you up.

And, now that I have something like this, i think I'll throw in a Guth-a-Go-Go t-shirt for the winner of the "What I Did With Her Book" contest, details of which are on the website.

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