Aug 24, 2006


It's been a terribly busy couple of days, to say the least. They've been wonderful days, just action-packed. Today, it is thundery and dark and I'm taking time to review, regroup and reorganize. It's remarkable how much simple things like that chill me right out. I did almost break my fucking toe moving my desk, but I think I'll live.

I got a bit more work done on what I am thinking is turning into novel #2, though I'm not going to declare that. It's just another thing I'm writing, and it'll be whatever it ends up being.

Three Fallen Women, on the other hand, is doing pretty well. I'm told the pre-release sales are steady and I've been getting some great feedback. In all the hullabaloo about the odd emails that have come through, I've failed to mention some very kind emails I've also gotten and shame on me for that. Four in particular have been very kind and thoughtful assements that I've been glad to read.

Okay, chop chop, back to my project. More later.

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