Nov 19, 2009


This time a year ago, I'd just been in that wreck in Pittsburgh. I even made a video about the adventure, with 0:35 and 3:17 through the end are my favorite points. The later point I like only because you can just tell how totally annoyed I am, yet how I'm-not-going-to-let-this-piss-me-off-no-I'm-not I'm trying to be.

Man, a lot can happen in a year.

In other news, find other things I contributed to Ye Interwebs today:

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egspoony said...

As the old adage goes, things happen for a reason. Also, yes, a lot HAS happened this past year.

Good and bad.

As one of my favorite literary greats once said "Oh well, we press on."* and that is exactly what we do in this life. Otherwise, there would be no point.

That was a very well put-together video.

Thanks Amy.

*the quote is the last thing said in the video, for those who missed it.