Sep 6, 2009


A far more polished version of this post exists this morning over on my Life & Style community manager blog on ChicagoNow. Oh yes, did I mention? I'm writing that blog, too. Anyway, the post, yes...

Highlights: Oprah is taping on Michigan Avenue, I work in the Tribune Tower, which is also on Michigan Ave., insanity is expected, as I suspected immediately, but really knew once I saw these in clumps up and down the streets last week:

I'm going to go ahead and plan on bringing my lunch that day. Probably my dinner, too. I don't see dashing across the street to grab a sandwich being a terribly plausible plan that day.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Oprah was in Chicago every week

Amy Guth said...

She is. But I mean, literally, on Michigan Avenue, as in the whole street is shut down for blocks. Pics to follow, to be sure.