Apr 1, 2009


(Full disclosure, I am managing editor at So New)

A few items of business from So New this morning:

A new story is up at So New's Necessary Fiction site: "Baby Love" by Sara Levine.

Also, as we prepare for the late-May release of American Soma by Savannah Scroll Guz, we have another very big announcement:

We are excited to introduce the (First Annual) So New Writers Prize!

At So New, we love storytellers. The writing we love pushes the bounds of language. It's passionate, exciting, experimental and deeply felt. Our brand of storytelling is not defined by genre but by an obsession with language and a ruthless pursuit of economy.

The winner of the So New Writers Prize will receive publication and accompanying promotion by So New as a hand-bound, limited edition work of art. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the hand-bound editions of Close Encounters, Swift Kicks or Three Fallen Women (more in the realm of full disclosure, that is my novel and photo just above is said novel in its limited-edition form), you know how cool these are. Your work will be turned into a piece of art, computer designed and hand-bound using unique materials. Each book takes about an hour to produce. The book jacket will most likely be screen- or offset-printed but we reserve the right to do something cool that suits the work.

Entries will be judged by So New's editorial board.

Deadline for submissions: September 1st, 2009, midnight CST. Announcement of winner to follow.

More information is on the So New site.


Maggie May said...

This is good to know. Just found your blog and will be browwwwsing round for a bit :)

Leah in Chicago said...


does that photo also mean there is a new edition of 3FW coming out?