Apr 20, 2009


Day Three.

Brunch: Leah and I met up with Melissa of Strawberry Beret and Rhino Legs and Peter Cole for brunch at Ombi.

Ombi is a fabulous spot in Nashville. Brunch on weekends, and, from what I understand, wicked delicious tapas in the evenings. I'm all about brunch and tapas, so this place is an excellent find. Will return for sure when I'm back in October for Pilcrow South. Should you find yourself there for brunch, do order the sampling of biscuits-- buttermilk, cinnamon and sweet potato-- and enjoy them. My goodness. Dab a bit of sorghum on the sweet potato biscuit and high-five yourself for a job well done.

Drive: Leah and I hit the road, sadly leaving Nashville for the time being. It was horribly rainy that morning, but we soon discovered the wipers on the Lincoln MKS, courtesy Ford Motors for the occasion, respond the windshield water volume and behave themselves accordingly. I do enjoy that. We made it to Metropolis, Illinois, home of a surprisingly large amount of Superman stuff, including a giant Superman statue, and did our second radio show on Blog Talk Radio with the help of our awesome producer, Andy Hannon.

Central Illinois: We made it to the home of Leah's twin sister, Rayne, her husband and hilarious little son, Henry. I drank a glass of homebrew made with homegrown hops, crawled upstairs to the guestroom and conked out.

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