Mar 20, 2009


Months ago, I participated in a fundraiser event through the Quickies! Reading Series. Quickies! Reading Series is a five-minute-per-person reading series here in Chicago at the Innertown Pub and hosted by Mary Hamilton and Lindsay Hunter, which I like very much. This particular event, though, was a night of 55-word stories.

Now, it's more difficult that I first imagined to write a story in 55 words. Try it. It's really quite a task. So, for the event, I took this blog post about a white guy over-celebrating Cinco de Mayo and turned it into a 55-word version.

And, several 55-word stories from that event have been published in Fiction At Work, mine included, which you may read here.

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Bubs said...

Oh God, I remember that wasp-in-sombrero story! I loved that, and it becomes sublime and poetic when it's reduced to 55 words!