Jan 3, 2009


Last night I had a dream in which I was in a crowded pub sort of place, and a large, festive party was taking place. I knew many of the people there, though many I did not. I was searching for something, though I couldn't remember what, until I found a large, heavy pearl on the floor and knew it was the object in question. I palmed it, and headed out, passing some loud drunk women at the bar, none of which I know. One of them, as I passed, grabbed at me and in a really caricature-y midwestern (think the movie "Fargo") accent said that I should be sure to Google "summer scots" upon waking. I questioned her, and why I should do that, and she insisted I just do it anyway.

Now, there is the Summer Scots Match Play in July, which would make sense with as many times one might associate me with the golf industry, and there is apparently a music festival in Edinburgh which might fit the bill, but what am I supposed to with with such informaton? And, why did my brain make her so accented and midwestern?

Needless to say, my Google search turned up little. Anyone want to try their hand at dream interp on this one?


dave said...

sure. I'll try anything. even though it's obvious that deeper knowledge of you would really be required. for example.. for all I know you just love golf. and that's the end. but: from the framing, you don't so:
maybe you need to take up golf?

or perhaps the secret to wealth is to live in the suburbs in the midwest, near a golf course, and hang out in bars..

or perhaps you have found a thing of beauty and need to escape the midwest and the drudgery of life and travel overseas, lest that thing of beauty escapes you or withers and dies..

Amy Guth said...

Indeed, deeper knowledge is required.

I grew up around the PGA, as a result of my father's work. I don't personally play golf, but I'm not the worst person to have around to settle a bit of golf trivia.

I have to assume the pearl is about a windfall or a bit of prosperity I find that everyone else has somehow missed?

The Panic Room said...

I just did a dream post at my blog two posts ago and had a lot of comments of the same dream. Which means I am a bore and am having the same dream as everyone else that is worried about money and being an irrelevant bore.

However, this dream of bar floor treasures and "You betcha" accents is intriguing. Perhaps 'Summer Scots" is a word jumble but the only thing I came up with was "commuters." Oh and... scrotums. But yeah, I will stick with Commuters.

So I google searched "Commuters" and all these articles about people taking jobs far away "extreme commuting" so they can pay their bills is going on. So let me pull this way out of my butt.

You found the pearl on the floor to show that you might find wealth or "success" in unexpected places and you need to not be afraid to "commute" to do it, and that is why she had the mid western accent. because you should totally watch Fargo again, because it RULES!

I blew it. I couldn't pull it off.

Good luck. Let me know if you start dreaming about your teeth falling out like I do and we can talk.


Anonymous said...

In dreamland a pearl is synonymous with wisdom, not wealth. So you are in line for an epiphany. Rejoice!

Whatever form that enlightenment takes, it will be found in a low place (pearl discovered on the floor) and in solitary pursuit (away from the crowd, again on the floor).

You mention that the woman in your dream spoke in an unusual and thick brogue so it could be your subconscious is creating a riddle, inviting you to google phrases with a similar sound to "Summer Scots".

"Summer's cots"
"Some are costs"
"some are clots"


Only you will know when you find the right key. It is your dream. That is, if you believe in that sort of thing.