Dec 18, 2008


Okay, first read my post from yesterday, about the car mess going out with a rather grand finale. Now, allow me this update, which I find rather funny to report:

I received my car late last night, via flatbed truck, as I reported earlier. So, this morning, I hurried out the door to return my second rental car. Imagine my surprise when I saw a large orange sticker slapped onto the windshield and a yellow metal "boot" locked onto the wheel!

Now, I certainly didn't get any tickets in this rental car. And I certainly didn't get three or so tickets and allow them to go unpaid for months as is the prerequisite criteria for one getting a booted vehicle from the city of Chicago. Certainly not!

The Hertz manager didn't find the tale all that entertaining, to tell you the truth. I'm sure the absent-minded previous renter isn't exactly in stitches tonight, either. What do you suppose will be his/her penalty? Just the city fines or something more? I wonder.

In any case, I drove (my car) to Hertz, handed off the rental car keys and the large orange sticker and drew up a little map indicating where their vehicle may be retrieved once the boot is removed. Poor rental car is still sitting outside my building, at this hour being covered by snow. We're expecting nine to twelve inches of snow tonight.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to when the city will come, dig out the car and unboot the thing?


Bubs said...

Good lord that's a hoot. What is it with you and cars lately?

Dondi said...

Perfect timing really. So lucky you didn't get booted earlier or when you were out some place.

Mark R Brand said...

The real question is: Is there anything this rediculous city administration WON'T do to stick it to us? I had somebody ticket me the other day for an "expired license plate." Had they taken the ten seconds to call it in, they would have found that I paid it the week it came up for renewal and that I hadn't changed the sticker yet. So I get the pleasure of printing and finding the proof that I had already paid their fun little wheel tax. I get the feeling that the revenue-wolves won't think twice before inking the old "denied" stamp for my appeal. I'd almost just rather pay more taxes than have to deal with the stupid traffic/parking "Gotcha!" taxes.