Aug 3, 2008


Obtaining internet access in rural Louisiana, or probably from rural anywhere, isn't easy. In any case, I'm typing on my grandparents' computer, and finally have a moment to post a little something.

I'm here, in said Louisiana town, sitting in the room in which my great-grandmother taught me to sew, having spent the last few days asking my grandparents a lot of questions about their lives and the events that led them each to be here, enjoying their answers and, at this particular moment, feeling both a little daredevilish and a little foolish for keeping to my running schedule today when the heat index was a nearly unbearable 125 degrees. I was well hydrated, and the run was nothing out of the ordinary other than its location. I will admit that had I not been sitting around so still-ly for the past few days it might not have seemed so appealing to stick to the run and log the miles so diligently-- but that was the case, and I did do the run, and I feel a little sunburned and sun-dried at the moment, as a result.

So, I'm going to sleep. More soon.

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