Aug 9, 2008


I first became acquainted with today's special guest, David Gianatasio, shortly after joining the So New Publishing family with my first book, Three Fallen Women, as he was kind enough to contact me and offer a hearty congratulations and welcome, which I appreciated. We traded books shortly after, and I've since been a fan of him and, once I read his Swift Kicks (So New Publishing, 2006, I also became a fan of his writing. So much in fact, that I wrote a blurb on the back of this forthcoming book, Mind Games (Word Riot, October 2008... psst, it's available for pre-order now!) and cannot wait to see its success upon release.

Guth: Tell us what you write, what you have written and how you do it?

Gianatasio: My second story collection is called Mind Games. It should be out in September from Jackie Corley's Word Riot Press. I think it differs a bit from my first collection -- Swift Kicks, from So New Media -- in that the stuff in new book is a bit darker, a bit more biting, but hopefully dark and biting in a generally funny way. Mixing "Funny Ha Ha" and "Funny WTF?" is always the goal, I guess. Ultimately, I just hope it's entertaining on some level. You take people out of themselves for a bit -- share an experience, good or bad -- that's the least and the most fiction writers can aspire. And I hate when people say "Funny Ha Ha." And I cringe at "WFT" and "OMG." I don't know what "IMHO" means, but it sounds dirty. Is it?

Guth: What grand things are next for you? What would you, we're talking dream gigs and adventures here, love to be next for you?

Gianatasio: Just finished a co-writing fourth mystery novel in the Dysfunctional Family Mystery series. Sorta mapping our No.5. Hopefully, our agent will really turn on the hard sell. They're both like and unlike my shorter fiction. They do have some surreal elements and lots of humor -- but they work on a very mainstream mystery level. They'd be perfect for a cable series on USA Network or Lifetime. I see Lauren Graham in the lead role of the detective. I see myself at the Emmys, hugging Lauren Graham, whispering "WTF, OMGI" in her ear. It could happen. So much already has. Unfortunately, not for me, IMHO.

Guth: What Smiths or Morrissey song or lyric sums it up for you right now?

Gianatasio: Morrissey's next song. The one he's going to write tomorrow. And that's an honest answer. I haven't had my coffee today.

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Thanks to today's special guest, David Gianatasio, for being with us today. Find him on GoodReads, check out his new book, Mind Games, frm Word Riot, and after you read it, don't forget to add the book to your LibraryThing and Shelfari collections.

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