Jun 12, 2008


The Quickies! Reading was super fun. I am super-excited to read next month and hope some a-youse can come show me your smiling faces when I do. The delightful Ben Tanzer covered most of the major points of Tuesday evening in his post, so, I'll only add that Mary and Linsday both read pieces I loved very much, both a monologue of sorts to or about a boyfriend, Mary's to Theo Huxtable and his pudding cup and Lindsay's to us and a hilarious re-telling of adventures with a near-traumatomaniac (surely, fictional) lover. I talked to Zach Dodson of Featherproof for a while about a very special upcoming editing of the Fixx Reading Series with all-Featherproof mini-book authors, which you should all make a point to attend because Featherproof will be very generously giving away copies of their mini-books. Also, I had a very cool conversation with Ben Tanzer about tattoos and he told me a little about a story I suspect is a very big story and one I hope he writes about one day.

Then, yesterday, Momma's Boy and I went in search of Bubs & family at a wild tiki bar. I mean wild in the sense of a lot of plants and hula and a band and flowers and it looked like being in a wild little tropical outpost. The place was packed, so we didn't meet up, but have e-schemed this morning to try the tiki night another time. Tiki, people! Tiki!

Now, if you turn your eyeballs to the lower right sidebar, you'll see a badge like this:

...that I found via Leah. I encourage all of you out in The Republic of Blogsylvania to consider grabbing one for yourself and participating in the 350 Challenge. It's really easy, it's free to use and for a great cause. So there.


Jewgirl said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to hook up with bubbsie. Soon enough you'll be tikiying yourselves into a frenzy.

The Featherproof Fixx night should be spectacular. I love that they're giving books away. So generous.

I'm glad the Quicikies Reading series went so well. Mary and Lindsay's quickies sound hilar squared. Dying to know more about it.

. said...

Hey Amy!

Thanks, so much for coming to the reading, I'm glad you had fun. I'm many things, but when I tell people that QUICKIES! is fun, I ain't a liar.

We can't wait to make you sweat with our stopwatch next month.