May 29, 2008


I'm sort of taking the first steps towards a new blog platform. Those first two steps wore me out, so that's enough for now. I'm also, after completing the initial steps, not totally sold on changing it over at all, so this will just be a blogging experiment. No big whoop.

I have the funniest hunch today, like news/information is right around the corner, and no sense whatsoever of what said news might be about. My cat has the mojo, too, as he seems anxious and pacey about nothing in particular. So, we wait.


David Byck said...

Dear Amy,

It’s strange you should mention your cat today as mine was acting a bit strange last evening as well. I was watching “What the Bleep Do we know?” (a must see, I may add) and during one of the scenes they played a polka. My cat, who had been sleeping woke up and started this funny little jig which stopped when the music did.

I’m not sure if I’m writing about my cat or the movie. Sorry for the confusion.



Jewgirl said...

I hope it's a good funny hunch. We love good news. We need good news.