May 19, 2008


Pilcrow is almost here! I can't believe it! This morning, I read Leah's sweet post about Pilcrow. Thanks, Leah, for the kind words of support and for all of your help with Pilcrow. I'm so excited to hang out with everyone at Pilcrow that I can barely stand it. We all know the authors who are coming, but do you know how many bloggers are coming? A lot! Show of hands?

Speaking of book-sort of things, I give you deep fried books. I wish this guy would come to Pilcrow. The guy who took the pic will be there, along with several other fabulous photographers, videographers and podcasters, milling about and documenting the whole thing as they see fit. Inclined? Great, show up and document. Cross-post your photos in the Pilcrow Flickr group. That's it! How simple.

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