Apr 1, 2008


Poisson d'Avril! I like the idea of taping fish to my friend's backs far better than tricks. I don't like tricks, I have to tell you. I mean, I think they're super funny after the big reveal when they're played on me, but it makes me sad to see people being made a big fool. Then again, fools are everywhere, so perhaps it is sad when one person is made a fool, but a tad funny when many people are easily played.

Anyway, I like the paper fish. Nobody gets hurt.

Last night, I discovered that an old fridge in the basement laundry room of my new building has a big red swastika on it. Upon further inspection, there were some initials, and that hate-gang pitchforky thing, too, but my gut really says some kids probably broke in years and years ago and kicked over some junk in the basement and left their mark and the landlord never bothered to paint over it. Still, I'm going to ask, "Hey, so what's up with that fridge in the basement?" when I see him next, just on the off chance my new landlord is chomping at the bit to have me whacked.

By the by, the quote of the day must surely be this, which i just read in an email from Miss Quoted: "I wish they still lived here; Crazy German women don't fuck with popcorn... but they always have nice gardens."


Moral Victories said...

My family is French Canadian and we had such fun with le poisson d'avril. Still makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

It's true to... all my Aunts are German, they're all crazy, and they all have great gardens!

Jewgirl said...

I'm glad you're gonna say something, it's very important that you do.

Let's hope the new landlordian will be appalled and immediately paint over it. Yes, this would make me very happy.