Apr 17, 2008


Pilcrow Lit Fest has a ChipIn page to raise money to offset food and booze, office supplies and the like-- especially the food and booze part because in the "takes money to make money" category, we need to make the NOLAPL fundraiser party as fabulous as it can possibly be. So, consider a few dollars in our direction. Every dollar counts. For every $25 you donate, you'll be entered for a chance to win dinner for two at Wishbone in Chicago. Win, win, win, if you ask me.

I did a lot of work today to prepare for said Pilcrow Lit Fest, got a very nice birthday gift from Mermaidhead, ate an omelet with asparagus, wild mushrooms and balsamic reduction, did some editing work, wrote-- actually wrote!-- for a bit, saw my friend Phil, and got this dirt, which is, well, read it for yourself:

I haven't been able to get in touch with my pal GI Barbie lately, but figured she's busy finishing up her super specialized fancy dental school program. So, when I cross paths with Phil today, I asked of her. Well. GI Barbie got herself deployed to Iraq and wasn't very happy about it. She was nearly finished with her time in the reserves, has a great relationship, is nearly finished with her dental program and blammo. She wasn't thrilled, but knew that was the tradeoff-- The Man is paying for dental school, so dental school is on The Man's schedule. She wasn't keen to leave her boyfriend behind, and fearing she might never return (and, sorry to kill the romance-- she'd make more money, I believe), they got hitched. They get married by a judge, spend a few days in their love den, then she goes off for weeks and weeks of training and prep or some such, heads out, arrives and gets sent right back home immediately because-- kablammo-- she's knocked up.

So, GI Barbie was deployed to Iraq like I certainly worried she might be, for all of a few days, and is now home and wrapping up some military time, apparently, by doing some admin work and The Man still hooks her up to finish dental school and she's married and is knocked up. Uh, yeah, I think I can understand why I hadn't heard from her lately. That's a lot on the ol' plate. Where would you even start that conversation? Eh well, GI Barbie is a cat who always lands on her feet.

Anyway. I'm turning in. Scroll back up and visit that ChipIn site, if you would.

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