Apr 14, 2008


Know what I'm excited about? Tomorrow, Six Sentence's cool book comes out and I can't wait to buy a copy and read it. A hearty congrats to Rob McEvily at Six Sentences for this very cool milestone.

So, my birthday was great, speaking of milestones. Great, great, great. Certainly started the new year out on excellent footing, without a doubt.

Working today to add a few newcomers to Pilcrow Lit Fest, wrap up some edits and logistics, writing a post for a guest blogger thing I'm doing over on The Debutante Ball, couple of errandy things, then I'm heading to the CityVerse poetry event tonight.


a little bird said...

happy belated birthday!

just found your site from sizzle - great blog, and i will be looking for your book next borders visit :)

Jewgirl said...

Ooh, I am so glad you posted about this, I just estalked him a ginormous congratulations. Running like a dawg to the buy the book.