Mar 31, 2008


First, Pilcrow panels are up.

Now, well, I'm moved. Oy vey. All winter, I've had there weird oh-I'm-about-to-get-sick moments and haven't actually gotten sick. So naturally, the weekend I need to be in optimal health for all the schlepping, I was sick as a dawg. Of course.

But, it's over. The movers, the Starving Artist Moving Company, they were great. These three guys pulled up in a grafitti-covered old bread delivery truck and hustled and got it done. My cat had a rough go of it--- he was iffy about the movers, the new place, the hustle/bustle and the two very big dogs next door to the new place barking like crazy. Finally, the poor cat climbed down from the closet shelf and explored a little and now he owns the place and found a few hiding places and it's good.

I love the semi-walk-in pantry and I love, love the big office. I bought a great chair and desk (to replace the old crappy ones I threw out into the alley with perhaps a little too much gusto) and I'm feeling rather good about it all.

Mermaidhead wanted to help, but she broke her foot so I made her stay home, especially since I'm on the 3rd floor. Irish Ho helped not only on moving day afternoon with the breakables I wanted to move myself and helped me wrangle the poor cat, and also yesterday on the tiny little odds and ends left in my old place. That's the worst part of moving, I think--- no matter how organized you are to move, or in general, there are always a few things in the old place that seem like nothing and you open a drawer here and a cabinet there and suddenly you're schlepping box after box. Oy. Anyway. The new place is great and I hope to stay put a long while.

I'm positively giddy over this new office.

More later.


Anonymous said...

How about a new photo to go with the new digs? Your current blog photo looks like you're mid-pondering of a dreamy boy...time for an update Guth.

Amy Guth said...

I sure like anon. commentors! So full of ideas and thoughtful insight.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay, you got moved. If I lived near you I would have been right there ready to help.