Mar 27, 2008


Well, another successful Fixx Reading tonight! Larry O. Dean, Cris Mazza and Laura Van Prooyen all did a wonderful job, the audience was great, and a lovely time was had by all. I kept my usual host-antics to a minimum since I'm still not completely over my cold, but it was fun in any case and I came home with new books, which I always enjoy doing.

I'll be moved in about 36 hours, and have a busy day tomorrow anyway, so I need to hit the hay.

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larryodean said...

When you say you kept your "usual host-antics to a minimum," I take it, then, that full on bitchslap you gave me when I finished my poem about Sandra Dee -- the one where I referred to her as "a sloe-eyed trollop," not the other one, where I praised her "saturnine ebullience" -- could have been harder hit, reddening my cheeks that much more?

Either way, goddammit, I enjoyed myself and stand by my craft.