Mar 18, 2008


Oh Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd, I just wrote so much and I'm so happy about it. And, even better, I'm happy about what I'm writing right now. Sometimes, a draft is clunky to get out, or crummy when reread, but this is all coming out nicely, so I'm glad for it all.

Pilcrow is in good shape. I added some new folks this week.

My moving/packing timeline is good. I'm maybe a little to gung-ho and packed a little early, but that's fine. I'd rather the smooth sailing over the last-minute crazies anyday.

Right now, I must take care of a little Pilcrow web-business, make two invoices and complete a blurb I promised David Gianatasio. But before I do that, I'm starving for lunch! Later gators.

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Anonymous said...

Pilcrow is looking so DAMN good! GAH! I wish I could be there!!!