Mar 21, 2008


Yenta (YEN-tah) is a Yiddish word referring to a busybody or gossipmonger. Most definitions refer to it as a gossipy woman; a blabbermouth, who can't keep a secret, who spreads rumors and scandal. The word has since become Yinglish (a Yiddish loanword in American Jewish English). Moi?

It was also the name of the matchmaker in the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof.

The name of the Linux CardBus controller driver, which brings together Cardbus cards with the rest of the computer.

It is also the fictional electronic match making PDA featured in the film Shortbus.

Was used satirically in the 1967 "Get Smart" episode "The Man from YENTA", where it was composed of the initials of "Your Espionage Network and Training Academy", a fictitious Israeli secret service organization.

Thank you, Modern Jewish Mom, Meredith Jacobs, for the very cool yenta mug. I think of your smiling face every time I use it.

Speaking of Jewish, I went to a Purim service last night that was a scream. Rabbi in cheerleader drag, chazzanit and other rabbi in cheerleader uniforms to match him, latke and hamantaschen debate that had me in stitches, a mighty margarita that Leah handed me with the warning "It might be strong", cream cheese hamentaschen with orange marmalade, and a little brainstorming about Pilcrow stuff afterwards. Good times.

Today, I'm workin' on stuff, getting ready for the move a week from tomorrow and the like. I was disappointed to see snow on the ground this morning, though I admit it's pretty. Snow is pretty, no getting around that, but sheeeeeesh, I'm ready for spring already.

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wafelenbak said...

Wishing you a pleasant Purim! :)