Feb 15, 2008


When I get on the phone with Katie Schwartz, our batteries die, cars hit curbs, baseballs hit windows, interwebs go out, and our phones turn all static-ey and apparently she can her sitar music in my background noise...? It's like when paired up, the two of of us send cellular technology into a meltdown of some kind. Like if something is going to go off or be weird, it's going to happen when we are on the phone. We both find this hilarious.

I enjoy a particular physics, science and astronomy e-newsletter I subscribe to. I am very concerned about this spy satellite. Italian press does little to soothe my concerns.

These two issues are not connected. I just wanted to share both.


bookfraud said...

ironically, i landed here from ms. schwartz's page. glad i did.

Suppress those fears of italian media sensationalism. it's just skylab all over again. anyway, it's not going to hit the usa, so why should i care?

will visit again.

jewgirl said...

You know... I still can't figure out what that sitar music means. Love the chronicle of our cellular mishigas, it's hilar squared, guthyroo.

I am worried about that satellite, too. If they blow it up that just can't be good for the earth's atmosphere and I can't see it just disintegrating and going into space quietly. Oy vey.