Feb 19, 2008


Oy Vey: Who wants to buy a pile of awful CDs? I mean really awful. It's shameful. I'm an mp3 gal, so I haven't bought CDs in years, and well, it shows. Anyway, I want the crap out of the house. I dunno, maybe 75-100 of them. Shitty mixes I was given like a decade ago? Check. Lame actual CDs I don't even know why I own? Check. Really lame crap I bought to do sound for a friend's theatre company? Check. Junk old roommates saddled me with a decade ago? Check. A couple of oldies but goodies, but mostly shit.

Yay: In stark, stark contrast, yet another fabulous person has been interviewed over on the Pilcrow blog, Angela Gant.

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Momma Sparkypoo said...

If you have any Patti Page, Julie London, or Frank Sinatra, I'll take them. :)