Jan 9, 2008


Editor JDC ovah at AAM tagged me with a meme. I'm to list five things I regret and five things I do not regret. But first, let's read Schwartzy's answers for inspiration. For the record, I struggled with this meme. Either that means I have zero feelings and am in a state of moral bankruptcy, or that I don't have many regrets. Because, let's not kid ourselves, we've all pulled some stupid moves and made a few stupid choices in our lives, but look at us now. Those stupid moves taught us all better. We learned and moved on, better for having had the experience, no? Capisce?

Hm, okay, but I can do this. I am a fan of the meme, and I can do this one.

I regret that I quit playing strings (violin and cello, primarily).

I don't regret any traveling I've ever done, ever, even when I've been poor, and even when I probably could have had a better time on the trip.

I regret that I haven't traveled as much as I want to.

I don't regret ever dancing or staying up late talking and laughing and being silly in my entire life, not ever.

I regret how uptight I was in my teens and early twenties.

I don't regret any of my tattoos.

I regret only a couple of relationships. The rest I think I learned and grew from, and I've stayed on speaking terms with most, if not altogether friendly.

I don't regret being a hard-ass about fitness and running sometimes, but I also don't regret times I've known when to call it a shit day to run and turned back. No body is going to work at 100% all the time.

I regret that I write more than I read.

I don't regret moving around so much, though I'm happy to stay put for a while.

In other news, I'm hitting the EmergenC, popping B viteys and drinking a lot of water because, damnit, I do not want to get sick.


jewgirl said...

You make great points re: regrets. The choices that we've made, both good and bad shaped the people we are today. That is most definitely not something to regret.

I love what you said about not regreting dancing, staying up late, talking, laughing and being silly. I agree so super hard.

Bubs said...

Beautiful, Amy. I like your take on it.

"I regret how uptight I was in my teens and early twenties."

I don't regret being uptight, but I wish I'd been braver and had a bigger vision for myself and my life. I'm glad, though, to see someone else that looks back and wishes they'd been different in their teens and twenties. I feel sorry for people who look backward and feel that the best time of their lives were in high school or college.

Paul said...

Wow. Thanks for the inspiration once again, A. I'm forch to have it.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I don't regret any of my tattoos."

Even that "Johnny Depp" forever one? As the books get around the world, so shall your travels expand.

EditorJDC said...

"Sorry to pop this on you, but there is a second half to this meme. This time I want to know how you plan to fix the specific regret, or what led to this type of regret."

You look pretty darn stable on the regret/non-regret scale. I can't see a whole lot of regret restructuring here.
I feel like my house is so disorganized now. :)