Jan 7, 2008


My cat has this hilarious new habit: He gets up on his hind legs and bats at my plants, super-fast, like he's doggie-paddling. He looks like a tiny person, a tiny guy, when he does this. He does this if he thinks I'm ignoring him; he does this when he thinks I am snuggling him too much. There is no wining with this cat, and I know it.

Today was great. I worked and completed my daily to do list without any nonsense, and right smack int eh middle of the morning, I got an email from an old friend who I was roommates with in my early twenties. I haven't seen or heard from her in, holy shit, like eight or nine years, but, I have to tell you-- we batted emails back and forth today and caught up and just had to best time. I saw a photograph of her six-year-old daughter, she married a guy I peripherally knew, she hit hard times, but learned about herself and emerged better than ever, and emailing with her made me think those were some good times. I don't think I stopped to realize that at the time, but those were fun times, doing all of that silly stuff and listening to the this and that and finding out about bands that have totally jumped the shark now, and working lame jobs we wanted so much more than and didn't have the patience to deal with at the time. Emailing with her made me so happy and glad to know she is okay and happy and it made me glad to be in touch with her again.

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Momma Sparkypoo said...

There's nothing better than re-connecting with old friends. I always consider it a special blessing when an old friend comes back into my life. And I watch carefully to see how that re-connection fits into God's plan for my life.

BTW Amy, how's the productivity log going?