Jan 16, 2008


I swear that while I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I'm not even stressed about any of it and consider these days rather merry ones. But, for whatever reason, for the past week-ish, I have been terribly tired from about 7pm on, and when I finish things up and drag my ass into bed around 11or so, I sort of drift for a bit then toss and turn for hours. Hours. Here it is after three. I feel tired as can be, but I'm just not nodding off. Not over-caffeination, not anxiety that I'm readily aware of, not feeling suddenly unsafe in my own home, not physically uncomfortable, not cat mishigas, not dread, not being too warm or too cool, not nocturnal neighbors-- I don't know what it's all about but a nice long sleep would be lovely.

On a totally unrelated note, when I worked in retail several years ago, at a store that sells dishes and glasses and wedding registry sorts of crap, I made some friends that I count among my closest. Hyperbole Mel, Ass-Kickin' Tammy, Dirty Walter, The Other Cat Lady, Scratch-n-Sniff Terry-- those kids. Anyhow, Ass-Kickin' Tammy is now the honcho of that very store, and she just told me that she was at work the other night and was fucking robbed at gunpoint. That. Is. Terrifying. I am so glad nobody got hurt. Hyperbole Mel noted that had it been back in the day, said robber would been pelted with all sorts of crap we were supposed to be enthusiastically peddling but secretly wanted to throw. My question is, why that store? I mean, if you were going to go and rob a joint, wouldn't you aim for, say, a bank? A jewelry store? A cash-only sort of operation? A high-end something or other? Well, whatever. Lame-o robber dude better be glad he didn't just try to overpower Ass-Kickin' Tammy. I don't call her Ass-Kickin' Tammy for nothing with her little collections of black belts and such.

Oooh, maybe I'm tired enough to try to sleep again. I'm out.


Paul said...

Folks rob places they can hit. No one thinks twice about security at a T-shirt store, unless it's owned by the Gap.

By the way, how long did that cold of yours last? I just got hit with something, and it feels like it's trying to cram an entire 2-week cold into 3 days. Eegh.

Amy Guth said...

Paul, hmm, I'd say it's still sort of around. I have a great day, then a "oh-I'm-about-to-get-really-sick-again-I-can-just-feel-it" kind of day or two, then a good day, etc. I'll be glad to have it behind me, that's for sure. I'd say, to answer your original question, though, that the worst of it was about five days. Good luck.

Paul said...