Dec 14, 2007


If ever there is any precipitation, count on the fact that the street in front of my building is flooded. Twice it flooded right up the sidewalk and up to my building front door. That was fun to see the lobby as a swamp. But, those days might be over. Yesterday morning, the city buzzed me:

Me: Yes?
Dude: City.
Me: (long pause) Uh, yes it is a city, er, hi, uh... (long pause) what can I help you with?

So, the dude needed some cars moved so he could get to this water main. Fine. First he tells me my car is fine where it is, then he says he's got a two truck coming to move it a bit and I am hanging out the window yelling to wait, that I'll run down and move it just wait, wait! So, I run downstairs and it is moved already. Whatevs. Anyway, the street was dry as a bone for the first time since the long stretch of heat in the summer. So, I'm surprised impressed by the city's can-do.

Anyway. On to bigger things.

I'm not saying I saw a spacecraft last night, I'm not saying I did not see a spacecraft last night, but the fact remains that I saw three somethings in the air last night that were hovering for about a half hour or so, as did a friend who lives nearby. Certainly unidentified. Certainly flying. Certainly objects. Discuss. Man, her pic is way better than the one I took with my BlackBerry. Anyway, yeah, discuss.

I got a little shoutout on Bookslut's blog this morning, which I appreciate.

I also woke up feeling like everything was very quiet this morning. Which was alarming for a second, but then I decided I rather liked.


Leah said...

It's quiet cause the UFOs stole the city's soundtrack.

Phil thinks it is from Argon National Lab, whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous you saw a UFO. I think I saw one once but that was before the digital age where you could just whip out a camera and BAM! check it out. Plus, I saw it disappear in a burst of multicolored light and not when it was hovering. At the time though I was very afraid of being abducted by aliens and UFOs in general. So, like that ghost I saw one night, it could have just been something natural. Like fireworks. But you have visual evidence. And weren't there UFOs at O'Hare last year? Cue The X-Files theme song!

Bubs said...

Fascinating stuff with the flying somethings. Were there any sounds involved, or were they silent? I couldn't find anything in the news on this.

Was President Bush or the VP in town when you saw these? The reason I ask is that there are usually three helicopters (I'm not a military aircraft buff so I can't tell you what kind) that accompany him, and at night they might appear like that in formation.

jewgirl said...

Okay point blank THOSE ARE UFOs. They look like tiny gold cups.

Love the shout out on bookslut.

Isn't it just so refreshing when the city does their job? Kind of shocking.

Anonymous said...

Oh you silly conspiracy theorists....those lights are airplanes lining up to land at O'Hare. It may appear that they're hovering, but it's because planes continually line up, and they're just about always there.'s George Bush's fault. Yah, that sounds much better.

Amy Guth said...

Anonymous, it's easy to speak your mind when nobody knows who you are.