Nov 5, 2007


Kids, I cannot believe how bizzay I've been. But, it's all good. All good! Let me catch all of youse up. Okay, let's see, I last updated youse on Thursday. So, Friday morning, I went out to meet the remarkably fabulous Shauna James Ahern, also known as Gluten-Free Girl at Swirlz, a lovely little cupcake joint (yes I did just say cupcake joint) in Lincoln Park. I walked in and met Shauna and Swirlz' delightful pastry chef, Jeremy Sher, and chatted for almost two hours, first with him about culinaria, New York, Boston, Austin and Yidishkeit as he was kind enough to give me a tour of the back kitchen then with her. Shauna's on a booktour, you see, and we talked books, touring, publishing, and she gave me some fabulous details behind this lovely post and that infamous tattoo of hers. So, when sitting across from her at a table at Swirlz, I leaned over, throwing everything I know and am supposed to make myself adhere to about touching people without asking, and put my hand around her wrist and pressed my thumb on that perfect tattoo. I love it. I told her how my motto in life is Just Say Yes (to keep things as simple and clear as possible), and we laughed and talked and I think she is a marvelous, positive human being and everyone should go buy her book. I don't have a gluten allergy, and it's still a great read. So, go forth! Buy, buy, buy. (Ahem, Ms. James Ahern, any interested in doing an installation of Guthmantics? My readers would looooove it, I'm sure. See lower section of my sidebar for past Guthmantics interviews.)

Friday night, then, guess who was in town? Guess. Couch Pat and his delightful wife, Barbara. Can I tell you I was just over the moon to hang with them. They were in town after she ran and he coached for the Dublin marathon and had an overnight layover in Chicago so we went for Greek and had the most delightful time. Really, we laughed so hard the waitress kept coming over to make sure we were okay. So great to see them, I should go visit them soon on their turf.

Saturday and Sunday, I kid you not, were a whirlwind of working my ass off. On what you ask? Projects, kids, projects. I have three projects cooking that you are not going to believe. So big and so great and I am excited beyond. This week promises to be busy as well, but it's all worthwhile, for sure. For sure.

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You could use a nap.