Sep 7, 2007


Oh my, I have a lot to tell all of youse.

So, I fainted yesterday, twice. I think the unforch sniffley-sinusey thing reached my ears or something. It happens. I'm a fainter. I've fainted before and always when I have a good head cold. Anyway. It wasn't a big deal-- I was awake about a second after hitting the ground both times, but still. Fainting. How Victorian! The first episode was on the sidewalk in front of a bunch of construction workers. I felt it coming and started to bend and reach for a stoop, so my head wasn't far from the ground, at least, and I opened my eyes right as I heard, Damn, that hot bitch just fell the fuck out. Uh, thank you...?

The second faintyroo was leaving the Mac store. What was I doing int the Mac store? Well getting a new laptop, of course. Long story, but my harddrive was dead as a overdosing coke whore yesterday. One minute in full action, the next kaput. Luckily, I back up my work and had my ass covered for the most part, so I left with a new MacBook, only slightly awesomer than the MacBook I watched die moments before.

Anyway, I got that taken care of and bonk. And, again, I came to a second after I hit the ground. I felt kind of brain-freezey for a few minutes after, but fine the rest of the night. Today, on the mend. Just sniffley today. No throatey hurty or nothin'.

Anyway. What else? Yesterday I got a sweet invite to do The Nod-- a cool show men-about-town Joe Janes and Done Hall put up where bloggers read some of their favorite-est, fun-est posts before an audience. That'll be Wednesday the 19th at the Uptown Writer's Space and it's a kickass deal for only a $5 suggested donation. (Fear not, I'll remind you.) But, that's not until I get back from the (Downtown) Omaha Lit Fest. Which will be awesome. Just as it was last year. In fact, I think this year will be way bettah.

Speaking of good, we're over halfway to my fundraising goal for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. And guess what? Because of all of youse and your support, I'm in the top ten fundraisers for this event in Chicago. How cool is that? Got a buck or two burning a hole in your pocket you want to fork over to the cause? Click here!


Anonymous said...

So in the 2nd fainting spell ... did you hurt the new laptop? I am going to be out and about this evening... I'm stopping at the local voodoo shack and asking them to send a good health whammy up Chicago way.

Amy Guth said...

NO, thank goodness. It's poifect.

While I usually say "no whammies!", in this case, I'll take your whammy! Boy oh boy, do I love a good New Orleans Shoppe Voudun.

Sizzle said...

mixed compliment and concern? you're one hot bitch. it's true but why did they have to say it like that? :)