Jul 12, 2007


Don't forget to mark your calendars, by the by!

Thursday, July 26th at 7:30pm
The Fixx Reading Series
(hosted by yours truly)
The Fixx Coffee Bar
3053 N Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL

This month (again, alphabetically, so I don't get beat-up):

Charles Blackstone author of The Week You Weren't Here
Rick Karlin author of Show Biz Kids
Elaine Soloway, author of The Division Street Princess

Can you believe?!?! I'm very excited for this line-up. (As my excessive punctuation might indicate.)

In other news: I have a new motto. Sure, Say yes will still stand, but I think Keep it Canadian is a new worthy motto, too.


Anonymous said...

Yet another convert to the best culture on the planet!
We grow on you! Much like fungus.

sparkypoo said...

Oh hooray!! I get to see the lovely Elaine Soloway again, after finishing her book!
This time I will be there with bells on. No pre-move exhaustion to muck things up. :)
Glad, but not surprised at all, that the reading went well m'dear.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I have such a crush on you. Well, you and Katie Schwartz both, oy what goils!

Betsy said...

Poo! Some of my nearest and dearest! But we will be on a plane that day!