Jun 6, 2007


Oh, this hideous insect, the one that scurries very fast, the one that will sting you like a bee, the one that freaks even my bug pouncing cat out, ladies and gentlemen, has returned! I just picked up my shoe from the shoe rack and the damn thing raced towards me, causing me to scream like five year old girl. Then, to my complete terror, I lost track of the thing! Understand this is agonizing to me. Anything that could be on my head and I could possibly not notice is nothing I really want to deal with. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.


steve said...

Perhaps he's only come to borrow your typewriter.

Betsy said...

That and the dude from the coffee shop horrify me equally.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh.....it may have crawled in and out of your mouth whilst you slept!! But the bright side would be that you didn't encounter the beast naked.
That factor escalates the scary encounter to absofreakinglutely terrifying.....I hate meeting beasts naked. I would have screamed like a 5 yr old girl too.

jewgirl said...

that is one seriously freakish, creepy ass bug.

I'm phobic of cockroaches and maggots. they scare the shit out of me.