Jun 21, 2007


I threw my back out, and I wasn't even doing anything sexy or heroic. That's, as the very cool kids say, rather unfortch. I'll be aiight, though. I just need to make myself sit still and rest. (Yeah, right, that's totally gonna happen.)

So, today, I was sitting in my car, rocking out to Iggy & The Stooges, taking in the sunshine, and a dude drove past me and shouted love ya marry me you rock owwwww! Then passed me a second time and tried to shout his number at me. No, I mean he did shout his number at me, but I, obviously, didn't take note of it. Ew.

Otherwise, I got nothin' tonight. I'm chillin' with my cat.

Happy Solstice, if that's your thing.


Anonymous said...

you got nothin'? what about that fun little exchange with anon last night?

seriously, i hope u rest and take aleve and ur back gets better, and that if ur faith in humankind hasn't been restored yet, then at least ur somewhat flattered that the guy in the car would want to marry u at first sight!

have a better day friday!

kapgar said...

Back injuries never happen at times when they can lend themselves to worthwhile tales of woe. "Yep, I was climbing that tree to save this young woman's cat" or "I ran into a burning building and threw two elderly people over my shoulder and saved their lives."

Nope. Instead it's "I was using the back extension machine at the gym when... pop!"

That last one happened to me about three years ago. Not fun.

Adam Deutsch said...

Ah. The ol' drive-by number-drop. Like we all haven't been there before....

Leah said...

My mom just threw her back out doing nothing yesterday, too. Hmmm... This solstice is making things strange.

Sizzle said...

i have never really understood guys that do the drive by thing. is that really supposed to light my fire?

hope you feel better.