Jun 28, 2007


And where are you going to be tonight at 7:30pm? Really? You don't say. Oh, well that's a shame because all of the cool kids are going to be at The Fixx Reading Series, hosted by yours truly, as we meet and chat with authors Eric Spitznagel, Megan Stielstra and Ben Tanzer.

That's right, kids, the 4th Thursday of every month just got a whole lot awesomererer. There or square, mes chéris. (Click here for more info)

(Hi, how cool is that flyer? You know you want to hire that same dude to make your projects look cool, too. Email me and I'll give you the scoop or look for the very tiny email address he included on the bottom right corner, under the matches. Yes.)


Sparkypoo said...

Hells yeah. I will be there, and I am quite cool. :)

Anonymous said...

Do I have to go to the Windy City to see this?
I've not had my shots.

Amy Guth said...

Sparkypoo, indeed you are.

SR, yes you do. I haven't either. That makes it more of an adventure. I don't have any idea what that means.

Anonymous said...

You live life on the edge then?
I like the Oyster Bar at O'Hare airport there though.

Bubs said...

That sounds cool. Now I'm extra pissed off that I have a meeting at 8:30pm, cause I know it's not going to be nearly as entertaining as this.

Chaylene said...

So close, yet so far away. I wish I could drive up for this. Unfortuately (well, fortunately actually), we are signing over the old house this afternoon.

(By the way, my "assignment" is done, complete with shout outs and accolades.)