May 25, 2007


I forgot to mention that last night, en route back from the reading, I was on the highway and saw what I think was highway fellatio. I look over at the cars around me to stay aware of my surroundings and to be situationally aware as my Dad impressed upon me to do when I was a new driver. Anyway, I looked over and saw a man driving, clearly enjoying the shit out of something, only to have a woman pull herself up from his lap. So, I'm not saying I did see highway head, I'm not saying I didn't see highway head, but the fact remains that what I did see certainly appears to be highway head. That is all.

What do you guys think of the new banner there? Over the summer, my blog and website will be morphing again, this time in a very big way, in phases, so I'm trying out different things.

I have to mention a little something here, too. You know how I do the Guthmantics thing where I do a little mini-interview with an author and post it up? Yes. Well, as you probably recall, I interviewed Eric Spitznagel earlier this week. Few of you commented, but many of you emailed and thought it was a funny post. I would just like to say that the snarkiness in the post was a joke. Completely. I phoned him up and asked if I could make it snarky way before I ever posted it and he consented. Really. He has written a lot, he works hard at what he does, he is extremely organized and methodical about his writing, he encouraged my Three Fallen Women along when it was a series of cocktail napkin scribbles and emailed paragraphs and was a really solid friend to me during the particularly frustrating weeks just before the manuscript found a home. So, let us debunk rumors about a running feud, here, my friends, mmmkay? Good. Thank you.

Big announcement later today. Ohhh, I can't wait to tell you. It's really great news. Shh. That is all for now.


Leah in Chicago said...

I do like the new header. A little big, but still lovely.

Amy Guth said...

It is a bit big, but the glasses are fab!