May 17, 2007


Today was gloriously low-key. I ate a big lunch with my brother and grandparents. We drove out to the old farm (yes a farm) my grandmother grew up on, that still is a working farm, though they pay someone to run it, anymore. I was reminded of fun times goofing around in the swampy woods nearby and watching bees do their thing in the walls of the front room of the house. It's almost enough to make me want to buy an organic farm and say screw it.

Then I remember I don't know shit about farming.

I paid my respects to my great-grandmother at the cemetary, the woman who taught me to sew in the very room I sit in now. Women live a long-ass time in this family, that's for sure. Tough beyotches.

Anyway, I'm cooking dinner for everyone tonight. I love that my grandparents are so down with composting and living off the land. Calming. Mellow. Earthy.

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"jew" "girl" said...

that's beautiful. my grandparents were hardcore concrete enthusiasts. could be the brooklyn thing...