Apr 13, 2007


GOOD GREIF! Have you heard about the Rapex? I heard about this item yesterday evening, so I just woke up from strange dreams about similar items being everywhere. Open a book, out flops a Rapex. Pull out a frying pan, find a Rapex! Turn on the lamp, a Rapex falls out! Good idea in theory, but what, uh, stops the attacker from just removing it first? Am I missing something? Eh?

Anyway. Enough about vagina dentata.

I woke up from these weird dreams and found a print of my new tattooage on the bedsheet. That's a little creepy. I'd like to tell you about the new tattoo, but I'd rather just show you. But, as many of you probably know, a tattoo is pretty un-pretty for a few days after you get it. So, we'll wait a little while. Let it heal and then we'll do a little show and tell. It's really going to be badass once it's all said and done, though. It's very me, too. Upon describing it, Ma Guth even gave her, "Ohh, sounds pretty neat" of approval. Not that that is all that weird. In the decade-plus I've been fooling around with tattooing and piercings, she's been hip to it all. I think she secretly wants a tattoo of her own.


miontorus said...

uhhhh... sounds like a new incarnation of the 'roach motel.

Lee said...

the rapex reminds me of the story in which a man has sex with a hedgehog - although, i s'pose that should be reversed since i'd heard of rapex first:

Who is your tattooist?

Amy Guth said...

Lee, wowzers!

I got the work from Mike K. at Tattoo Factory. He is wonderful! Hank is my piercing guy.

"jew" "girl" said...

dude, what the fuck? theoretically it's a great idea. realistically it sounds like a great way to get whacked. if a man is raping a woman and he's greeted by a snappin' pussy, I highly doubt he's going to let her live.

"jew" "girl" said...

lee, I guess it's still taboo to admit you're into bestiality. who knew it was better to pawn the responsibility off on someone else?!


Lee said...

I think Hank is everyone's piercer. He did my tongue. Chicago has a lot of great tattoo artists. I highly recommend Esther Garcia of Butterfat Studios, if you're ever looking for some reasonably priced custom work (and she makes great tea): (http://www.butterfatstudios.com/)
She did my half-sleeve/chest