Dec 29, 2006


My friend, Orieyenta tagged me and you all know I'm a sucker for a good tag. She wants six weird things about me, on my blog, pronto. Um, only six? Ooookay.

1. I will stop everything and go to the store to buy more handcream and lip-something (balm, stick, gloss, whatever) if I find myself without. Must have them or I feel off.

2. One of my favorite foods is broccoli. I think that's great. Most people think that's weird.

3. I only own tan-pinkish and black undergarments. That way I can always match and undergarments are unlikely to show through clothes, as tan bras blend in with your skin and therefore look invisible.

4. I read physics, astronomy and history books for fun because I am a nerd and a half.

5. I feel put-together and polished when I have a manicure, and I also love hardware stores, my tools and fix-it projects. Sometimes I can manage both.

6. I go nuts with my label maker. I haven't labeled my cat, but that's about it.

So there you have it. Orieyenta's tag, Six Weird Things About Me... I tag...ummm... I tag all inclined bloggers in Providence, Chicago, Los Angeles and the UK. So there.


Al Sensu said...

So damn practical with the underwear.

Any lace, at least?

By the way, you missedthe memo that underwear is supposed to show nowadays. But I'm with you, keep it hidden. Otherwise you lose some of the impact of undressing in front of your lover. I don't even like to bra-strap-showing fashion; it just looks sloppy.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing.

I'm with you on the handcream/lip stuff thing - I can dig through just about any bag or drawer in my house and find and assortment.