Dec 6, 2006


I accidentally got myself a little tipsy tonight.

Let me back up.

In the last few years, I've gotten to the point where I only like beer if it is a very cold and good import and the weather is very hot or if I am getting sick. So, feeling a little flu-like achiness coming on today and I decided to drink a beer. But, when I feel sick, I don't have a very big appetite (not to worry-- it'll come back nicely as soon as I feel well again!).

So, not much appetite all day + downing a beer + being a neo-lightweight = home on a Wednesday night, half-farshikkert with my cat.

Super. Again, I impress you all with my sophistication!

And, on the upside, I stopped giving a shit about feeling under the weather. Ha!

(Wow, drunk-bloging? I've reached a whole new low, I think.)


Wings said...

Don't give us that "I'm not eating because I'm sick" crap. That guy at the gas station back in Pennsylvania really got to you, didn't he. Be honest ... how many burritos have you had since you came back from your Eastern swing?

Anonymous said...


Don't you dare be such a calluous a-hole. Trust me, AG is far too grounded to ever worry about what some stupid chump in the boondocks thinks about her, or what he thinks of women. Why do you have to be such a combative a-hole? Why do you doubt what she posted?

Anonymous said...

I don't get why you (Wings) felt like this was, at all, an appropriate thing to say, or at all related to the blog posting? You owe a big time apology

Amy Guth said...

Geez, I thouhgt I was just being a drunk dork. I had no idea it would go down like this.

I appreciate folks jumping in on this issue. Who are my anonymous posters? Can I convince you to use names? No? Okay. I appreciate your thoughts in any case.

To begin, not that I owe an explanation, but when you are sick and sniffly, nothing has flavor. So, today I find myself picking at things that all taste blah. That doesn't mean my health is poor, my eating habits are bad, or that my figure is anything other than the build that the rest of my family has.

But, here's the thing that is really making me mad. There is this misconception that it's okay to talk about a body if it is a thin or thin-ish body. And, the same misconception seems also to allow eating habits to be commented on and speculated about as long as they belong to a thin or thin-ish person.

Nobody would walk up and talk about the eating habits or size of an overweight person. No way. Even if the eating habits were percieved to be unhealthy. But somehow it is okay to speculate about a thin person? Not really, no. But it happens and I don't much like it, truth be told.

Sure, I insist that nothing is sacred in comedy, and that everything can and should be joked about, but somehow I think you weren't joking, as this seemed uncharacteristically on the mean-spirited side...? I do not joke around about that sort of thing. A stupid kid at a gas station got a lecture for being a rude idiot and he certainly wouldn't be worth sacrificing my heath, self-esteem or energy for. No person, outfit, style, fashion, social pressure or event is as matter of fact.

Also, as for it being "crap", I can assure you that I don't lie on my blog. If it was a problem for me, I wouldn't have mentioned it.

And, finally, I have no idea how many burritos I've eaten. I, frankly, don't keep track.

AmHistorian said...

Just thought I would chime in...

Given how much you talk about destructive vs. constructive, I couldn't help but think about that right now. There was nothing, at all, constructive about Wings' comment. Even ridiculous humor, about anything, when done to mock society, norms, constructive because it points to the absurdity of life. There is nothing funny at all in Wings making such ill-informed comments.

jimmy joe billy bob said...

She was in Ohio, I thought..?

Wings said...

Dear anonymous, we have exchanged emails and an apology has been made. It was meant as a joke.

I don't understand how sarcasm is perfectly acceptable from any female, but any male gets drawn and quartered.

I hold Amy in the highest regard, but am obviously out of step with the dialog on this site. So I bid adieu to you, Amy and the rest of her minions.

diane said...

I am glad things were resolved, but I do think it's a lesson to walk away with. I was pretty stunned when I read your comment, it had a different tone than usual and did not come across as a joke. At such times, a quick (I'm kidding!) would probably be wise to avoid any miscommunication, especially on a potentially sensitive topic.
Just a thought. :)

Amy Guth said...

Everyone is free to debate here in my comments section. In fact, I've come to rather enjoy a spirited discussion.

I am a firm believer that there is a sea of difference between an argument and a discussion. I *am* going to begin by saying that I don't feel that this is a male/female issue. I don't think anyone pounced on the comment because Wings is a dude at all. It is so difficult to determine the intent behind the written word at times, and this was an example of just that.

I have blogged my frustration at body-image/social issues before and I believe my readers remember it, or are perhaps similarly-minded, even, and are sensitive about the topic. As I explained to Wings via email, I will be the first to admit that after a young woman close to me died at age 19 while on a treadmill and very ill, I have a strong reflex in these matters.

I wrote Wings last night prior to posting my comment and we exchanged a couple of emails. He has given me a sincere apology and I now have a better understanding of his intent.

So, we can continue this discussion in a general social what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-our-society-to-praise-not-help-Misha-Barton-types kind of way, but maybe let's lay off of Wings.

I should have set the tone and initially responded with "How do you mean that?" so I will take the responsibility for this geting a wonky as it did.

Everyone is welcome to comment here. I hope everyone feels that way here. 6The only comments that never see the light of day are the "death to the Jew", "penis enlargement" and "work at home" ones. :)

Anonymous said...


Seriously, you made an unclear comment, one that out of context could be kind of hurtful. If anything I think we learned a good lesson in how tone of voice doesn't exist online?

You apologized, life goes on. Don't sweat it. But also understand why, out of context, it caused such a strong reaction.

Anonymous said...

My turn......
I don't need a lecture about body image vs. appropriate topics to comment on, nor feminist jack-booted, hairy-armpitted storm troopers protecting their own vs. just an ordinary dude who meant no harm.
So take it easy on Wings because I believe he fell into the final catagory, and now you've scared him off.
I do understand the need to have familiarity with your audience-wether it be Ms. Guthberry, or anybody else with issues(kidding). He took him some liberties which he probably wouldn't have, had he been a bit more familiar with his audience. He made assumptions about his "relationship" with the author, and we all know what happens when you assume....
As a moron who has more than once inserted foot-in-mouth, I know I've generally meant no harm & I'm sure he felt the same.
Cayn't we all just git along????
Anonymous #2...or #3

Amy Guth said...

I hope nobody has scared Wings off.