Nov 6, 2006


Morning! I slept like the dead. WonderDebby and SuperBob have one comfy-ass guest room. But, after the busy day I had yesterday, I certainly needed to sleep like that.

Ooookay, so here is the scoop on the traffic stop yesterday in Cleveland. The officer was right at the sign where the speed limit drops, at the top of a hill. So, I got busted. Damnit, I haven't had a ticket in years, either, and it was for turning right on red when the sign was barely visible. And, before that, it was probably a few years since I had a ticket. (That one was speeding, though. Big time.)

My Dad (another super Bob) is king of getting out of tickets. Stomach flu, IBS, bad Mexican food, papercut, important meeting, saving the frog-spotted tree owl from extinction (okay that one I made up) -- he's a genius. But once, when I was about five, we made a good effort to turn on the cute little kid factor, and that remains he only time I think he's actually been issued a citation. Maybe that's where I learned that the cutesy nonsense gets you nowhere. Or, gets me nowhere. Anyway. It's almost an enjoyable challenge to him, negotiating his way out. It's fantastic. I get my negotiating skills from him, but they certainly aren't nearly as developed. Well, I guess it's a pretty lofty goal to try to get through an entire book tour without one ticket. So, unless the ticket fairy comes to erase it, I will pay it when I get back to Chicago. Bluh. I'll pay it, but I won't like it. So there!

I have a lot going on today, so I need to get myself in order and get moving.

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Vicki ( Amy's Mom) said...

Perhaps you have forgotten the time Super Bob got stopped in Mississippi by this Big Ole State Trooper. You were probably about 3 and as your Dad got out of the car ( it was a really long time ago when you could actually do that and not get shot) he says to me, "Put Amy up in the back window". So you, being a precious little cutie, crawl up in the back window and give that big old trooper the sweetest smile on the face of the earth and he says, "That sure is a cute little girl. You shouldn't be drivin' that fast with her in the car." He then proceeds to give your Dad a lecture and a warning and your dear old Dad is off the hook. This past summer as we were driving through that part of the world, we talked about this very event. At which time you Dad decided he had better slow down because Mississippi troopers have a certain reputation. Safe travels, dear one.