Nov 27, 2006


Well, that was so much fun! A big thank you to James and Dudley at KWVA for a super-fun interview and many laughs. Thanks to everyone who tuned in locally and on-line to KWVA tonight to cheer/mock me. If you missed me jackassing around on the air, feel free to give it a listen right here. (Maybe it's just my internet connection, but I could swear it starts skipping bits at the very end...?)

Ohhh, did anyone notice that So New, my beloved publisher, has re-pimped their website? Ohhh, look how fancy! Am I just saying that because my book cover is up front?




Anyway last night's swanktacular cocktail party just caught up to me and I am going to make it an early night. But, I have many more exciting things coming in the next few days and weeks, so I must get a bit more work finished tonight. In the meantime, don't forget that my "What I Did With Her Book" photo contest is coming to an end soon so be sure and email your submissions to soon!

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