Oct 13, 2006


I have been noticing a lot of weekly trends on blogs. Like how Diane of Sparktacular does a Thursday thing, for example. So, I have decided that I'm going to post a weekly thing, too.

I realize that the short answer is, "Hey, dumbass, just make an iMix, but this weekly experiment shall be known as:

"If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday

1. Obvious/Jane's Addiction
2. Save Me/Aimee Mann
3. There Goes My Gun/Pixies
4. I've Been Everywhere/Johnny Cash
5. Games Without Frontiers/Peter Gabriel
6. Waiting For The Miracle/Leonard Cohen
7. Stupidity Tries/Elliott Smith
8. The Becoming/Nine Inch Nails
9. Feel Like Steppin' Out/Devil In A Woodpile
10. Man In A Suitcase/The Police
11. As Girls Go/Suzanne Vega
12. Go With The Flow/Queens of The Stone Age
13. Knives Out/Radiohead
14. Shelia Take A Bow/The Smiths
15. Alice/Tom Waits

Read into it as you must.


diane said...

1) Ahhhhhhh!! I love "Save Me". And I got to see her do it live. (sticks out tongue like a small child)
2) Um. *cough* Thanks for drawing attention to this on the week I forgot to do my Thursday Thirteen. ;)

Amy Guth said...

My bad!

Nicky said...

You know I tried to make an iMix recently and got super angry (quelle suprise, me, I know) at iTunes, because they don't let you put up a real mix. If you have something awesome that you can't get on iTunes (of which, I must say, I have a lot), you can't include it on your list. This seems to include songs that iTunes has in its listings but maybe not from the exact same album as what you have.

So basically, you can only make a good iMix if ALL your music is purchased from iTunes, which, if, like me, you've been collecting music since the mid 80s, obviously you can't do.

In other words, so I like your list a lot better than an iMix. You've got good stuff on there, so I'm sure half of it wouldn't end up accepted.

I'm on a tear of corporate-directed rage today, can you tell?